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She Tells Her Dog, “I Love You.” You Won’t Believe What the Dog Does Next!

When you talk to your pet parrot, you probably expect them to talk back. But when you talk to your dog…well, you don’t quite have the same expectation. But this adorable puppy, all decked out in his cute little clothes, has something to say to his mom – and boy does she hear it! Watch the video below to see this unexpected reaction to this woman saying “I love you” to her puppy. Honestly, you have to see it to believe it! Or HEAR it to believe it, more appropriately.

Let me set the scene for you here. This adorable little puppy (WHO IS DRESSED IN THE CUTEST LITTLE SWEATER) looks all ready for his walk, when mom and dad decide to give him a little love.

How could you not want to cuddle this puppy? Look at him.

But when the woman starts saying “I love you,” to the pup, that’s when things start to get weird. In the cutest way possible.

People are arguing on YouTube that the woman is making the noises herself, but it looks to us like it really is the puppy! His mouth moves right in time with the noises – and the noises. They are so cute, I think only a puppy COULD make them.

There is really only one explanation: he loves his family so much, he learned to talk. That’s love.

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