Woman Finds Newborn Kitten Lying Alone In The Rain

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could ignore this tiny, newborn kitten abandoned on the sidewalk on a rainy day. Reddit user Klaanigan explained in a post last week that his mother stumbled across the tiny critter lying there all by herself. There’s no way she would have survived there ...

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Dog Tucks In Human Baby Brother Before Hitting The Sack

  Dogs seem to have an intuition when it comes to babies, whether they’re human or not. We’ve seen the lab who raises a family of ducklings, and the countless pups who greet new members of their family with paws wide open right when they come from the hospital. Sometimes ...

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What Everyone Misses When It Comes To Talking About The Homeless And Dogs

The vast majority of people who cross paths with a homeless person will not look twice. Between the two available options—ignoring or acknowledging—the former is easier, and so people do not question the alternative. Mark Horvath, founder of the vlog “Invisible People,” doesn’t sugar-coat the reality: It’s not that people ...

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