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Easiest To Care For Turtle

Easiest To Care For TurtleEasiest To Care For Turtle – One pet is pretty much-loved pet turtle. If you are also interested to take care of him, you have to know how to maintain a turtle so funny animals can live well.

Turtles are reptiles with a hard shell which is a body protector. He is an animal that is very slow, but fast enough to move when swimming in the water. One of the unique turtle is its shell. The style and shape of tortoise shell is the biggest attraction for fans of this cute animal.

Tips on Maintaining Tortoise

Turtles are most interested to become pets are water turtles, eg turtles brazil are small. How to care for a turtle is not too difficult and almost the same with the other animals maintain. Here are some tips on caring for turtles that you should know.

Provide aquarium with size adjusted to the size of the turtle. The bigger or wider an aquarium, it would be better for the development of a turtle.
You can add coral stones or stone usual blunt as a beachhead turtles. In addition to stone, you can give a particular decoration, such as seaweed or other embellishments, provided it is not too distracting turtles.

Fill the aquarium with water but do not get too high. High water in aquariums around ¾ of high turtle (limited to the neck).

Turtles spend more time in the aquarium. They eat as well throw dirt in the water. How to care for the turtles are quite important is to maintain the cleanliness of the aquarium. You should regularly clean the aquarium and replaced the water at least 2 days (it is recommended to replace the water every day). If you rush to always replace the aquarium water, you can also use a filter to the aquarium is not shortage of clean water. However, the cleanliness of the filter remains to be seen.

For water temperature, you can use an aquarium heater that you can get on the market. The water temperature was good for turtles ranging between 20-28 degrees Celsius. Warm temperatures will greatly affect the health of turtles and of course will increase the development of reptiles.

How to care for another turtle lies in feeding. Turtles are animals with a high appetite. Note the portion of food turtles so that your pet stays healthy. Not only the portion of food, feeding any time you should look. Should give food every 2 days or 3 times a week. If your pet turtles are still small or still in the growth stage, should be fed with small meals but given every day.

In terms of food, turtles can actually eat anything. Give vegetables or fruits in your pet turtles. Can also give special turtle pellets that the animal does not get bored. In addition to pellets, vegetables, and fruits, turtles also like small animals are soft. Give pieces of fish, earthworms, or snail as food variations.

In addition to providing food on a regular basis, give special vitamin supplements or turtles. This is one way of maintaining turtle quite important so that your pet can stay healthy and not get sick.

Tortoise shell will mossy due to constant contact with water. Therefore it is advisable to clean the tortoise shell by means of brushed with a soft brush (you can use an old toothbrush).

So that turtles are not saturated and bored in the aquarium, you can remove the turtle and let it go for a walk around the house. When removing turtles, make sure that they are always in your control.

That is some way of maintaining turtles that you can follow. Turtle care was not too difficult, is not it? The most important thing in treating turtles are noticed shelter, food, and cleanliness.

Different Types of Turtles

In Indonesia there are various types of turtles, no less exotic with turtles abroad. Tortoise habitat lot kosumsi hunted for food, hunted for as pets and hunted for sale. Turtles that there used to be very easy to find, and now because of poaching turtles obtain legal protection. Habita turtles that there is inserted into the conservation area protection. Some kinds of turtles that exist in Indonesia, among others:

Turtle leaves. These turtles have a natural name Cyclemys dentas semi-aquatic, turtles is called by the name of pineapple turtle or tortoise bali came from the island of Borneo. These turtles are traded so many kelansungan threaten his life. Turtle shape is similar to a turtle flat.

Box turtle. These turtles have a natural name Cuora amboinensis, these turtles is also called ambon turtle or tortoise shell. These turtles are from the area of ​​Ambon and Sumatra, turtle types are also many resale, easy maintenance and also swimmers. Chest broken turtle is widely available in large rivers and small streams that have a moderate current. Its presence not only in rivers but can also be found paddy rice field. When daylight many hidden among the grasses. In addition to plant these turtles eat udan and several types of fish. These turtles are protected and not threatened with extinction.

Turtles sun. These turtles have a natural name Heosemys spinosa – semi-aquatic, these turtles from the island of Borneo, has characteristics are thorns on its shell. But if you’ve grown up thorns will disappear a little.

Beluku turtles. These turtles have a natural name Callagur borneoensis – full aquatic, these turtles is also called Turtles tuntong. Including turtles Indonesia are rare, their presence is said almost to extinction in the wild. Characterized in that the color can vary depending on the state of the current season, and for the female tortoise males are not as bright color.

Turtles flat. These turtles have a natural name Notochelys platynota – semi-aquatic, turtles came from Kalimantan. Although said to be similar to the turtle leaves no difference can be seen that, in the turtle carapace leaf colored black while the turtle carapace flat yellowish. People who do not know the difference would be difficult to distinguish where turtles danmana leaves the flat.

Turtles elephantiasis. These turtles have a natural name Manouria emys emys, these turtles is also called Turtles Baning. These turtles are from Sulawesi, and including turtles that have large size.

Biuku turtles. These turtles have a natural name Batagur baska – fll aquatic, these turtles have the origin of Sumatra and Borneo. The turtles are experiencing vulnerability to extinction in the wild.

Turtles Baning Sulawesi. These turtles have a natural name. Indotestudo forstenii – tortoises, turtles is called by the name forstenii turtles. These turtles are from Sulawesi.

Turtle white cheeks. These turtles have a natural name Siebenrockiella crassicollis – full aquatic, these turtles have the origin of Sumatra, Borneo and Java. Including turtles into small size and mmepunyai a maximum length of about 20 cm. much of his life in the river also in swamps, these turtles manifold carnivores but also like plants and fruits. These turtles are not bsia eat when other types that stood by. So it should be kept in a separate place.

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