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An Introduction to Terriers

An Introduction to Terriers While impossible to document, it is believed that domesticated dogs (Canis familiaris) may date back more than 20,000 years. The earliest specimens are thought to have stemmed from ancestors of the wolf family. Both early humans and the forerunners of today’s domesticated dog lived a simple ...

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Top 10 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Are you tired of cleaning up mounds of fur off your couch, floor, pillows, clothes, and basically everything? Are you allergic to dander, but still want a dog to call your own? All hope is not lost. There are “hypoallergenic” dog breeds available for adoption. No dog is 100% hypoallergenic, ...

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Behind the Cover: Martin Schoeller and the Three-Legged Dog

his post was originally published in June 2014. We’re resurfacing it as part of our #ThrowbackThursday effort to give some love to our favorite posts.—The Proof Team For portrait photographer Martin Schoeller, known for his signature eye-to-eye, full-face portraits, the least of his worries is having his subject stand still ...

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