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Rare Pink Dolphin Might Be Pregnant

Pregnancy rumors are swirling around one of the world’s few pink bottlenose dolphins. Affectionately named Pinky, the blush-colored creature was first spotted in 2007 in Louisiana’s Calcasieu Lake by charter boat captain Erik Rue. “It was absolutely, stunningly pink,” Rue said in a 2009 interview. “I had never seen anything ...

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The dogs that protect little penguins

When foxes discovered little penguins on a small Australian island, they nearly wiped the colony out. But a farmer came up with a novel way to protect the birds – and the story has been made into a hit film. As a premise for a film, think Lassie meets Babe ...

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Whales Die From Bizarre Cause: Fish Stuck in Blowhole

A fish-versus-whale battle seems like no contest. But two whales learned otherwise when common soles became lodged either in or just below their blowholes, slowly suffocating them to death. Though observed before, the rare phenomenon has never been recorded in long-finned pilot whales, a new study says. The body of ...

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A Baby Seal Is Safe Again Thanks To…Cows??

When Ian Ellis noticed a herd of cows gathered around a small white speck in a field, curiosity kicked in and he grabbed his telescope. What he found was an abandoned baby seal, all alone in the middle of the cow field… Hear more of this unique rescue story in the video:

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