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18 Badass Wolfdogs In All Their Majestic Glory

1. Let’s take a moment and reflect upon how badass wolfdogs are. 2. And how they so perfectly mix being cute and being hardcore at the same time. 3. Adventuring across the country, livin’ life to the fullest. 4. Even baby wolfdogs look fierce as ever. 5. Except when they ...

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The Real Top Dog

By Cesar Millan   When you hear the term “alpha male,” what do you think of? You probably see some loud, powerful, overbearing man in a position of leadership — a CEO, professional athlete, or drill sergeant. These images all tend toward negative stereotypes about masculinity: insensitive, loud, opinionated, and ...

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28 Dog Pictures That Are Never Not Funny

1. The destroyer: pandamiglio.tumblr.com 2. He hates talking on the phone: bunnyfood.tumblr.com 3. Astrodog: sierraseybold.com 4. The world’s pickiest eater: imgur.com / Via reddit.com 5. Postal: weskrongden.tumblr.com 6. New hat: Twitter: @fernandocuhhh 7. Welcome treat: thomassanders.com 8. This is what happens when you put a child’s tie on a dog: ...

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The Dog You Miss the Most

There’s often one dog from the past that stands out even among all the dogs we have ever loved. That’s the dog that our heart revisits the most. I wonder how many of us can immediately think of the one dog that we miss more than the others and how ...

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