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A Vet Found 43 And A Half Socks Inside A Dog’s Stomach

After finding their 3-year-old male Great Dane repeatedly vomiting and retching, a family in Portland, Oregon, took their dog to a veterinarian to check on his health. dmussman/dmussman The family took their dog to DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital in northwest Portland. After taking abdominal radiographs, the vet spotted a “large ...

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This Dog’s Spine Might Be VERY Short, But She’s BIG On Love!!

Pig the dog is certainly one special pooch. With her unusual short spine and distinctive features, Pig has garnered tens of thousands of fans on Facebook, regularly attends animal festivals, and even inspired her pet parent, Kim Dillenbeck, to found the rescue animal nonprofit, Pig’s Foundation, in her honor. Pig has an unusual ...

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“Smiley” dog born without eyes serves as inspiration

A blind service dog named “Smiley” will never fail to put a smile on people’s faces. The Golden Retriever’s owner Joanne George saved Smiley, who was born with dwarfism and without eyes, from a puppy mill and a death sentence at the age of two. Nearly a decade later, the ...

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Dog Tucks In Human Baby Brother Before Hitting The Sack

Dogs seem to have an intuition when it comes to babies, whether they’re human or not. We’ve seen the lab who raises a family of ducklings, and the countless pups who greet new members of their family with paws wide open right when they come from the hospital. Sometimes a ...

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