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Gimo The Cat Has Incredibly Mesmerizing Eyes

Regardless if he’s standing on his back legs, planning to leap from a hidden spot, nonchalantly sitting in a box or just looking at you with his huge hypnotic eyes, Gimo the cat does all things with a degree of cuteness that puts regular kitties to shame. More info: Instagram, ...

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20 Purrfect Cat Tattoos

Cats are all the rage right now! Everywhere you look, well on the internet, it’s cats, cats and more cats! Meow, purr and LET ME PET YOU – pretty much the war cry of neighborhoods everywhere. Cats sure do like to be assholes every chance they get too. Yet, we ...

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We are still best mates. He’s a little bit more of a diva now. He definitely plays for the camera, as you can see. He’s so intelligent. When we are on TV he watches himself back on the playback monitors, there are clips of him doing it on YouTube. I ...

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Meet Garfi, The Angriest Cat On The Internet

Compared to the murderous feline below, Grumpy Cat looks downright civil. Internet, meet Garfi, aka “Angry Cat.” Garfi lives in Turkey, where — likely unbeknownst to his owner, Hulya Ozkok — he undoubtedly schemes to take over the world. Oh, you made a nice Thanksgiving dinner? Garfi hates it. Think ...

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Majestic New Cat Species Discovered In Nepal

Researchers studying snow leopard populations high in the Himalayas have announced the accidental discovery of a cat previously unknown to Nepal — a majestic little cat that’s at home in the highest mountain range on Earth. The small feline, about the same size as a domestic house cat, was caught ...

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Bob the Street Cat books sell 1m copies in UK

Homeless busker James Bowen was helped in his struggle against addiction by the companionship of a stray cat. Now his books charting their friendship have propelled him into an elite publishing club James Bowen, author, with Bob the street cat Photograph: Sophia Evans Sophia Evans/pr Samuel Johnson used to buy ...

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