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This Bird Has A Crazy Secret, And It’s Revolutionary

This giant animal kingdom we live in is a scary and dangerous one. How we go through our daily ordeals and survive is truly wondrous when you stop to think about it. Our defense mechanisms have developed to keep us safe within this ever-changing world. Animals use defense mechanisms better ...

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Massive Nationwide Bird Census Kicks off Next Week

Instead of hunting for Christmas fowl, tens of thousands of bird enthusiasts will take to the streets next week to count our feathered friends as part of the Audubon Society’s 116th annual Christmas Bird Count. Described by its organizers as the country’s longest-running citizen science project, the exhaustive census relies ...

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Caring For Birds Kacer

Caring For Birds Kacer – Not many people know the name of ‘Bird kacer’ is, unless the audience singing birds and exist in a variety of birdsong race. This is because the bird is a bird kacer including one fighter with a stunning exotic styles, including chirp sound very loud ...

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