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The Evolution Of Dog

The Evolution Of Dog The exact origin of the dog is unknown, but some theories place the first doglike animals on earth at around 600,000 B.c. Domesticated dogs are thought to date back about 20,000 years, with their closest recognizable ancestor the wolf. At a time when life was extremely ...

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An Introduction to Terriers

An Introduction to Terriers While impossible to document, it is believed that domesticated dogs (Canis familiaris) may date back more than 20,000 years. The earliest specimens are thought to have stemmed from ancestors of the wolf family. Both early humans and the forerunners of today’s domesticated dog lived a simple ...

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Selfless Man Dies Defending A Dog From A Brutal Attack

David Lynn Krieger was known to his friends and family as “Krockett.” Krocketted loved all animals. He loved them so much that he gave his life to protect a dog. Earlier this month, 53 year old Krockett witnessed a man beating a dog in a local parking lot. Some people ...

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