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Maternity photoshoot dog gives birth to 5 awfully cute puppies

Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo took the original set of mom-to-be pictures and has since followed up with a newborn shoot to match. She shared the terribly cute photos with Mashable.    Image: ANA PAULA GRILLO   Image: ANA PAULA GRILLO   Image: ANA PAULA GRILLO   Image: ANA PAULA ...

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17 Pictures That Are Literally You As A Dog Owner

1. When you consider your dog your baby: 2. And your favorite family member: 3. When your dog is way better than any person you’ve ever dated: 4. When your entire camera roll is pics of your dog: 5. And you need to document every momentous occasion: 6. When you ...

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Bay Area Soldier Reunites With Puppy He Adopted In Iraq

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A dog that comforted U.S. forces in Iraq arrived at San Francisco International Airport Thursday and reunited with a Bay Area solider who was on patrol with him. A bay area soldier who worked with the dog was at SFO Thursday to take him home. About a month ago, ...

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