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The Dog You Miss the Most

There’s often one dog from the past that stands out even among all the dogs we have ever loved. That’s the dog that our heart revisits the most. I wonder how many of us can immediately think of the one dog that we miss more than the others and how ...

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The Data Says “Don’t Hug the Dog!”

I had brought my dogs to be part of a “Doggy De-Stress Day” on the campus of a local university. These are becoming more common for many colleges in North America and usually take place during midterm exam or final exam periods. The way it works is that dogs (often ...

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Seeing Eye Dog Really Blows Off Some Steam In Dog Park

From the moment he was let loose in a local dog park Saturday, golden retriever and licensed Seeing Eye dog Biscuit reportedly blew off some steam by jumping up to lick people’s faces, urinating on smaller dogs, and chasing almost everything that moved across his field of vision. “At first ...

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Brave Jasmine Survives Being Shot 5 Times While Protecting Her Family

Towels are kept everywhere, in purses and pockets, in the living room, near the food bowl decorated with “Jasmine” in sparkles. Tongue-in-cheek thank-you notes have gone out, including one reading “Happy Eathster … juth thaying.” Missing a few teeth now, Jasmine is a drooler, bubbles forming at her mouth as she painstakingly eats her chicken ...

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Behind the Cover: Martin Schoeller and the Three-Legged Dog

his post was originally published in June 2014. We’re resurfacing it as part of our #ThrowbackThursday effort to give some love to our favorite posts.—The Proof Team For portrait photographer Martin Schoeller, known for his signature eye-to-eye, full-face portraits, the least of his worries is having his subject stand still ...

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Gimo The Cat Has Incredibly Mesmerizing Eyes

Regardless if he’s standing on his back legs, planning to leap from a hidden spot, nonchalantly sitting in a box or just looking at you with his huge hypnotic eyes, Gimo the cat does all things with a degree of cuteness that puts regular kitties to shame. More info: Instagram, ...

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