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We are still best mates. He’s a little bit more of a diva now. He definitely plays for the camera, as you can see. He’s so intelligent. When we are on TV he watches himself back on the playback monitors, there are clips of him doing it on YouTube. I ...

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Meet Garfi, The Angriest Cat On The Internet

Compared to the murderous feline below, Grumpy Cat looks downright civil. Internet, meet Garfi, aka “Angry Cat.” Garfi lives in Turkey, where — likely unbeknownst to his owner, Hulya Ozkok — he undoubtedly schemes to take over the world. Oh, you made a nice Thanksgiving dinner? Garfi hates it. Think ...

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22 Really Weird Things Dogs Actually Do

We asked the BuzzFeed Community what weirdo things their dogs do, and these are the hilarious responses! 1. The High-Maintenance Pup youtube.com My labradoodle will fight his way into the bathroom in the morning to be blow-dried. I have to let him in, otherwise he whines like he’s been set ...

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