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This Dog Has Kept Her Toy All Her Life And It’s The Cutest

Here’s Luca the Alaskan malamute back when she was 8 weeks old… …and here she is a few days ago. She’s now 1 and a half years old. She’s owned by Karissa Lerch and her boyfriend, Stephen. They’re from Durham in North Carolina. BuzzFeed contacted Lerch after the pictures of ...

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Going in without a bite: How to enter a dog’s territory

A lot of our visitors have asked for advice to help letter carriers, meter readers, gardeners and other workers avoid being bitten when they have to go into a yard with a dog in it. It’s a valid concern. Just among postal workers in 2014, there were nearly 6,000 bites ...

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15 Cats Who Are Jerks

Cats are sweet, angelic creatures here on earth to bring us joy and love. But mostly they’re here to make our lives hell. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats, but when they pounce on you and start biting you because that’s their idea of “fun,” I have to think ...

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